Physical Education

The objective of the physical education program at Verdun Elementary is to MOVE and discover a variety of physical activities that will promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

As physical activity is extremely important to a person’s well being we at Verdun Elementary place the utmost importance on developing autonomous and responsible learners who are able to take charge of their own learning in a physical education setting.  

Through a variety of different physical activities such as:

·       Ultimate Frisbee                         -  Handball

·       Soccer                                           - Cross Country Run

·       Kin ball                                          - Volleyball

·       Basketball                                    - Track and Field

·       Gaelic Football                             -  Yoga

·       Circus                                            - Speed Stacking

·       Basic Games                                - Chasing and Fleeing Games

·       Gymnastics                                  - Fitness

·       Health Activities (Nutrition, Cardiovascular, Flexibility and Muscular)

Our goal is for our students to develop sportsmanship and camaraderie inside and outside of the classroom. We place an emphasis on different offensive and defensive strategies that can be utilized in different sports settings outside of the school.